Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Soap & Glory Dupe

You know what happens when you talk to your friends about Soap & Glory? Everyone goes bubbles! It's one of the few Indulgent Bathing brands to really get us all talking.  And it's not just the packaging that we love, it's also the contents.  S&G is really unique and breaks convention of the bathing category.

Being a big S&G fan, I have until today resisted buying Dirty Works, stocked exclusively at Sainsbury's (think this basically means it's Sainsbury's own brand).  Not least because I have a whole bathroom cabinet of S&G and other brand products waiting their turn to be used.

But during my weekly shop this evening, I couldn't help but give into temptation.

The pack designs of Dirty Works are clearly modelled on S&G... quirky product names/ tone of voice, block colouring, pictures of retro beauties... check, check and check!

When I got home I couldn't resist trying out the shower gel straight away and what I noticed is IT SMELLS JUST LIKE SOAP & GLORY!

I don't think the shower gel is quite as luxurious as the S&G version but it only cost me £2.99 vs. £6.50 for Clean Girls (S&G) so I think it was worth the slightly less quality.  I'm definitely going to try out the body scrub and moisturisers to see if they match up at all.

I feel like I've cheated on S&G... But I also love Sainsbury's, so I'll try not to loose any sleep over it tonight.


  1. This is so strange because I actually walked past all that range in Sainsburys last night & thought 'What a soap & glory rip off!' It never occurred to me it could actually be comparable! I will definitely look more closely next time! Although I've sooo much S&G to use up first... xxx

    1. Yes I felt like that the first time I saw them, but the more I saw them, the more I was intrigued. I didn't really need anything this time but there was an offer on them so just picked up a few things, but I'm going to look into it a bit further when I use up everything else I have. xxx

    2. Now I really want some but I really don't need any! xxx