Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My top Spring wants

I’m feeling full of the joys of spring today. These little beauties are some of the things I’ve been lusting over for my spring look. 

Mac Strobe cream
I’ve wanted this, like, forever! I first got into illuminating products when I used the Body Shop illuminating Vitamin E Day Moisturiser and have been using similar products on and off ever since.  I love them for spring because they give you that nice, natural dewy look.  I’ve heard lots of good things about the Mac version and have been desperate to try it for ages.  But, problem is I’ve got lots of cheaper alternatives at home such as Soap & Glory Hocus Focus and The Bright Stuff which I feel I should use up first.  

OPI ‘It’s my year’
I’ve seen a couple of reviews of this on the blogosphere and I just love the colour and sparkle.  I’m giving my nails a well earned rest from polish at the moment, but I’m thinking of buying it for myself for when I’m back on the varnish in a couple of weeks.

Office brogues
Brogues are my staple go-to shoe for work days and I’ve wanted some grey ones for a while.  I’d love to get these ones and replace the wide laces with some grey ribbon for a really girly look. They’re a bit on the pricey side though so I’m going to look into some cheaper alternatives

Misguided blazer
Since getting obsessed with blazers (more on that later!) I’ve been thinking about purchasing a grey one to wear over nice summer dresses for the spring.  I also really want a light peach colour one, but I haven’t seen one I like yet.  I’ve not bought anything from Misguided before, but I’ve seen blogs with people wearing the blazers and they always look really good.

Anthropologie dress
I came across this on Pintrest and fell in love with it straight away.  I don’t really have the arms for strapless dresses but if I did (or if by magic I manage to get them) I might have actually had a big splurge on this.  Expensive but really pretty and an amazing print.

H&M dress
This might turn out to be a bit short for my pastey legs, but I love the idea of wearing it with some red pumps for a fuss free spring/ summer look.



  1. Definitely buy the OPI :)
    and the H&M dress is so cute xxx

    1. I think I might even order it right now, I've gone on about it so much that I can probably justify it :) xxx

  2. I really like the H&M dress <3

    Lea x


  3. I love the blazer! Grey would be such a versatile colour to have... I've seen lots on blogs about Missguided so I reckon it could be worth a try :) xx

    1. Brilliant! It would go with everything wouldn't it, bit like the denim jackets of last year xxx