Saturday, 17 March 2012

INGLOT eye shadows

I first became aware of INGLOT when my boyfriend was auditing their first UK store, in Westfield Shepherds Bush (he's an accountant).  He came home and told me that he had been working for a REALLY expensive make up shop from Poland who stock every colour you could think of.  I was put off at first because I thought it might be out of my price range.

A few months later, whilst shopping with my friend Roz we went and had a sneaky peek.  It's not as expensive as Will made out, he clearly doesn't know much about the price of cosmetics :) A single eyeshadow costs around £9 and a selection of 3 smaller sized shadows is about £11.

They stock a wide range of cosmetics but the real beauty of it is the range of colours.

Not quite as dark as this in real life

On my first trip I picked up this beauty, which remains one of my favourite colours.  It's real versatile, a single layer is great for work/ day time but you can build it up for the evening for a rich colour.  I find it's long lasting too.

Lovely translucent colour
The have a Freedom system where you can mix and match colours, I picked up this on my last trip which I based on a selection of Benefit eye shadows which I liked the colour of but felt they had no staying power.  It makes a good smokey eye.

I'd heard on the grapevine INGLOT were opening a shop in Manchester but it's not on their website so not sure whether that information is correct or not.



  1. I hope they do, it would be a great and cheaper alternative to MAC that I could actually reach!

    Lea x

  2. They do look lovely! We definitely need a trip to Westfield soon xxx