Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Druzy Jewellery

Have you heard of Druzy before? Neither had I.

Apparently Druzy is a coating of crystals found on rock surfaces. It occurs when water is forced to fill a porous area of rock. When it dries, minute crystals are formed.

Anyway, Science lesson over, it looks good in statement jewellery pieces like this from Trisori (£119)

... and this super sparkly pendant (£29.99 Satin Silver)

and this from ebay

None of these pieces are really for me (although I wouldn't say no to the first ring) but I'm going to look out for them in the future. 

What do you think?



  1. Oh my God! The top ring! It's too beautiful and just what I've been looking for, thanks for the post!

    Lea x

  2. Lovely post, how beautiful! I'm going a jewellery giveaway in 5 followers time. :)

    follow back?

  3. the first one is dashing!! definetely my favorite!

  4. The second one is lovely. I just love everything iridescent.