Monday, 20 February 2012

Summer Lights at Headmasters

I took the plunge and had 'Summer Lights' colour at Headmasters yesterday.  They've got quite a good colour sale on at the moment; all colour treatments are half price and if you join HM club and book your appointment between 9am - 4pm weekdays, you get an extra 25% off.  Cut/ finish is stil full price though so don't get sucked in to thinking it'll be dirt cheap like I did!

I had originally thought about having ombre colour - I particularly like Jessica Alba's - but I wasn't sure if the look went with my style (although Jessica's looks beautiful!)

In the end I went for something a whole lot more subtle, it's quite hard to see in the picture but basically they put a subtle golden blonde low lights scattered around the bottom and middle layer of my hair and then put a light brown gloss over the rest.  The result is great if you curl your hair because the light really picks up the low lights.

I curled my hair with my Babyliss 2258u curling wand, I love it for creating waves - you simply take 2 inch strands and wrap them around the wand.  The come out in ringlets but if you then hairspray all over and leave it to cool until just before you leave the house, when you run your fingers through the curls they come out in these loose waves.

Not quite Jessica Alba but it's a start... next time I might go Ombre!!